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(no subject) [Dec. 28th, 2004|08:14 pm]
Village in the Valley
[mood |uncomfortableuncomfortable]

Nate gives a smirk that he doesn't really feel, practically reading her mind on that one. "'Only' six weeks, huh?" He certainly hopes they can find a way to jump-start her regen before that, even if he doesn't get a chance to heal it up.

He lets that go after another brief pause, though, and tilts his head just slightly. "... so you were chasing that dragon for two days..?" Impressive, considering the crutches and everything.
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Grading the Exam [Dec. 25th, 2004|10:30 pm]
Village in the Valley

[mood |irateirate]

Bri has the wind knocked out of her by the way she hit the ground on her back, but she doesn't have much to say anyway at the shock she was just given -- and not by being knocked down. Nate... but.... .... wait....

:: How *could* you? :: Her accusation of her kaiser carries with it the agony of what she's gone through the last few days, and even that can't fully convey how she feels. :: You just let me *think* -- You *attacked* him! What were you *thinking*? :: She takes a slow breath before pushing herself up to a seated position, glaring at the face she's never had the chance to see.
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A Firey Reunion [Dec. 25th, 2004|09:03 pm]
Village in the Valley
[mood |anxiousanxious]

The muscular red-haired man walked casually in these unfamiliar streets, bare feet seemingly comfortable on the surface that was still hot from the day. An olive jacket was slung casually over his left shoulder, held only by a fingertip. For the tall one's casual demeanor, his mind was tumbling with thought. He had never ran such a test before. It had been several years since he was prey. He certainly hoped the prince was not hurt badly.

The one he was most concerned about would find him, of that, he was -- fairly certain. He knew her well, and that she would hardly give up unless she had been injured too severely to continue. His questions about a new girl in town hadn't led him to any further information since he'd sent her help days ago, and that was what was troubling him. She had left the human's healing center and had not been seen in any 'hotel' in town. She had been ill -- perhaps this hadn't been the right time.

Then again, were the girl to snap, now would be when. Low on physical resources, no emotional support but her own strength, unfamiliar territory -- all of these were usual triggers to her anger, he knew. He could handle the wrath of a human -- but could she handle her own wrath? That was the test...
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Pain, Recovery, and Revenge [Dec. 24th, 2004|10:32 pm]
Village in the Valley
Nate winds up falling through the portal created by the strange, red-orange dragon that seemed so disturbingly familiar at the time... but he can't think about that too much right now, nor can he think about the soft bed he landed on, because he's too busy trying to calm his screaming nerves and resisting the urge to yell out loud.

Patches of unhealed burn from the phoenix's explosion two days before were burst open and freshly seared by the magma-dragon's strange attack, and he's busy enough just staying conscious, let alone making sure his body is staying ahead of the game. He's thus currently oblivious to anything in the area around him, or anything else really at all save for the pain that seems to be all over his body.
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A Quest for Truth... and Possibly Revenge [Dec. 24th, 2004|05:27 pm]
Village in the Valley

Briana is all too painfully aware of Nate's feelings and that his essence... is no longer there. She's not quite physically conscious yet, and certainly doesn't want to acknowlege her own pain, but she was mentally aware the entire time as Nate went through that ordeal. She can feel the dragon's presence slinking off, almost taunting her to follow. He seems familiar somehow, but cold and strange at the same time.

Bri doesn't have the energy to waste on it, instead letting herself grieve in the quiet where the dragon has left her. She'll find him when she's able... as for now... she's all too aware that she can do nothing but allow herself to deal with the distractors so that she can then focus on getting herself up and out of here.
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An Unexpected Test [Dec. 24th, 2004|04:23 pm]
Village in the Valley

Briana is weary as they slog on through the narrow mountain pass. She can feel the mid-afternoon sun burning her mildly pink skin further, that only serving to irritate the girl. Her feet hurt, her joints hurt, she's tired and more than hot, but still she pressed onward. As angry as she is, she knows that sitting around in the heat would only irritate her more -- might as well make some progress.

She's able to tell they've made some progress from yesterday, though, if only because of the changes in terrain. Instead of the more sandy soil they had first trudged through, they now had rocky soil with a few shrubs and plants clinging greedily to it. She does her best to avoid any of the larger brown rocks, even the ones that look smoother -- her feet are fairly tender from all the traveling. Not to mention that those rocks are pretty hot at this time of day.

Bri looks up through squinted eyelids toward the sunny sky. It looks to be a hot and clear day -- not even many trees in this particular area. That explains the lack of protection from the sun... too bad. They'd at least gotten a break in the morning hours from the area with trees. That progress she was certain they were making doesn't seem to certain just now. She takes one more look around... no, not one direction appears more promising than another. Auuugh.
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A Friend Re-Met [Jul. 24th, 2004|08:13 pm]
Village in the Valley
Backstory behind a series of lj-cuts:
Westen OneCollapse )

Amalric OneCollapse )

Westen TwoCollapse )

Amalric TwoCollapse )

Westen ThreeCollapse )

Amalric ThreeCollapse )

Westen FourCollapse )

Amalric FourCollapse )

Westen FiveCollapse )

Amalric FiveCollapse )

Westen SixCollapse )

Amalric SixCollapse )

Westen SevenCollapse )

Amalric SevenCollapse )

Westen EightCollapse )

Amalric EightCollapse )
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Post Your Character Sheets Here [Jul. 24th, 2004|08:20 pm]
Village in the Valley
[mood |accomplished]

For the full character sheet, contact either Westen_Malin or Amalric. :)
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